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The Toy Factory


176 Johnson AVE, Brooklyn, NY 11201




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Converted to 56 affordable luxury lofts in Downtown Brooklyn. The Toy Factory Lofts are located in the building that was once home to Tudor Metal Products, where the popular Depression-era toy Budget Bank was invented by Elmer Sas in 1929. Two decades later, this is where Elmer's son Norman created Electric Football, one of the country's most beloved post World War II games. From the 1950?s through the 1980's, Electric Football became more sophisticated and lifelike. In 1958, Electric Football introduced its first 3D plastic players and in the 1960's, Tudor became an official NFL licensee. But by the late 1980's, video games replaced the hands-on board and the company was purchased by Miggle Toys.


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Exercise Room

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